The second MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting @ Korea

Software to use

MadAnalysis 5 v1.8beta [update 2020/02/11]: ma5_v1.8.tgz

Analysis list

School website:

School numbering ATLAS/CMS numbering Short description
Analysis 1 ATLAS-SUSY-2018-06 chargino-neutralino production
Analysis 2 ATLAS-SUSY-2018-04 stau production
Analysis 3 CMS-EXO-17-030 VLQs
Analysis 4 CMS-HIG-18-011 higgs -> a1 a1 -> 2mu 2b
Analysis 5 CMS-EXO-19-002 trilepton + MET search
Analysis 6
Analysis 7

Supplementary analyses

School numbering ATLAS/CMS numbering Short description
Analysis A HIG-18-006 higgs -> a1 a1 -> 4taus ou 2mus2taus
  • 1. 'Jack: 1912.08479 (chargino-neutralino production at 139 ifb). This analysis is using jigsaw reconstruction technique which hasn’t been implemented in Ma5 before. I was planning to implement it for 1806.02293 but didn’t have time; this might be a nice opportunity. (PS this might be a bit hard) Validation: CUTFLOW+PLOTS+LIMITS Recasting: new observables to implement
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