The first MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting @ Korea

Analysis 9: CMS-SUS-17-001

Supervisor(s) Sam Bein, Jory Sonneveld []

1. Analysis summary

2. Analysis global information

Lepton efficiencies

Information to check matching:

Simplified likelihoods in CMS reinterpretations:

3. Selection description

3.1 Trigger selection

PS: This part cannot usually be described by the fast-simulation of detector.

3.2 Object definition

Explained here how the objects are defined.

3.3 Cut-flow chart

3.4 Definition of exotic observables

Like SUSY transverse observable. Notice that classical MT2 & MT2W are encoded within the MadAnalysis framework.

3. Detector simulation

Can we use the last release of the Delphes package with the CMS/ATLAS MA5tune-card? or do need to improve the simulation?

4. Validation material

4.1 Monte-Carlo samples

  • LO/NLO?
  • Model used:
  • MC generator program (name + version):
  • Shower program (name + version):
  • Tune of Pythia:
  • PDF set:
  • ME/PS merging????

4.2 Reference plots / cut-flows

4. Validation results

5. Reinterpretation (optional)

6. Questions / issues

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  • CMS-PAS-SUS-17-001_Table-aux_002.pdf (55.7 KB) - added by sbein 3 years ago. Additional Table 2: Cutflow table for two different configurations of T2tt SUSY signal models (left) and DM signal models (right). Numbers are shown for T2tt signals with top squark masses of 750 (600) GeV and LSP masses of 1 (300) GeV, and scalar (pseudoscalar) mediator mass of 10 GeV and DM particle mass of 1 GeV.

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