The first MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting @ Korea

Analysis 3: ATLAS-EXOT-2016-25

Students Jeon Sihyun, Kang Yoo-Jin, Lee GyungGoo, Yu Chaehyun
Supervisor(s) Dipan Sengupta

1. Analysis summary

Monohiggs with Higgs in bbar

2. Analysis global information

3. Selection description

3.1 Trigger selection

PS: This part cannot usually be described by the fast-simulation of detector.

3.2 Object definition

Explained here how the objects are defined.

3.3 Cut-flow chart

3.4 Definition of exotic observables

Like SUSY transverse observable. Notice that classical MT2 & MT2W are encoded within the MadAnalysis framework.

3. Detector simulation

Can we use the last release of the Delphes package with the CMS/ATLAS MA5tune-card? or do need to improve the simulation?

4. Validation material

4.1 Monte-Carlo samples

  • LO/NLO?
  • Model used:
  • MC generator program (name + version):
  • Shower program (name + version):
  • Tune of Pythia:
  • PDF set:
  • ME/PS merging????

4.2 Reference plots / cut-flows

  • List of validation material

4. Validation results

5. Reinterpretation (optional)

6. Questions / issues

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