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MadAnalysis 5 physics analysis database

This page contains a collection of LHC analyses that have been implemented in the MadAnalysis 5 framework (in the expert mode) described in arXiv:1405.3982] and arXiv:1407.3278]. For each analysis, a commented C++ code is available for download, provided together with information on the analysis and references to relevant publications. A careful validation of each implementation is also provided.

In order to use these files, you need MadAnalysis 5 version 1.1.11 or higher, as well as our modified version of Delphes, which can be installed with the command

 install delphesMA5tune

within MadAnalysis 5. If you have an older version of MadAnalysis 5, first update it to the latest one. Also, beware that the standard Delphes and delphesMA5tune cannot be used simultaneously!!

You then need to create a working directory by starting MadAnalysis 5 as

 ./bin/ma5 -R

If you want to use our scripts for limit setting and efficiency maps (see below), type

 install RecastingTools

Then type

install PAD

to create a working directory that contains all the analyses that are publicly available.

New analyses can be added by running the script (located in Build/SampleAnalyzer), passing as an argument the name of the analysis of interest. For instance,

 python cms_sus_14_001

will create and modify the necessary files for adding the analysis named cms_sus_14_001. In particular, a pair of header and source C++ files cms_sus_14_001.cpp and cms_sus_14_001.h are now available in the subdirectory Build/SampleAnalyzer/User/Analyzer. You can now either implement the analysis yourself or replace the newly created files with those shared by somebody else (or downloaded from the list below in case you do not use the automatic PAD installation from above).

After execution of an analysis, exclusion under the CLs prescription can be computed with the Python code Note that it requires SciPy to be installed. The path to the working directory of interest has to be provided in the variable analysis_path in the beginning of the code. If you have done install RecastingTools, then a local copy of is available in every new working directory. The code is called as

 ./ analysis_name mypoint.txt [run_number] [cross section in pb]

The exclusion results will be printed on the screen and in an output file located in the directory mypoint.txt/ of the output of the analysis. Details are given in arXiv:1407.3278.

In order to get the efficiency map associated with a given benchmark point, the script can be run

 ./ mypoint.txt

This creates one file for each analysis that has been executed, this file containing the efficiency associated with each of the signal regions of the relevant analysis. (We stress that in order to have these scripts available, they must be installed before creating the working directory.)

We strongly encourage users to publish their re-implemented LHC analyses via Inspire. This way they not only become part of the public database, rendering them as useful as possible to the community, but they also become individually searchable and citable.

For any information on the implementation of an analysis, on the database or on the expert mode of the program, please visit the 'Answers' section of our launchpad page.

Available Analyses

!! please properly cite all the re-implementation codes you are using (see Inspire citation entry) !!

ATLAS analyses, 8 TeV

Analysis Short Description Implemented by Code Validation note Status
ATLAS-SUSY-2013-05 (published) stop/sbottom search: 0 leptons + 2 b-jets G. Chalons Inspire PDF (figures) done
ATLAS-SUSY-2013-11 (published) EWK-inos, 2 leptons + MET B. Dumont Inspire PDF (source) done
ATLAS-HIGG-2013-03 (published) ZH->ll+invisible B. Dumont Inspire PDF (source) done

Delphes card for ATLAS-SUSY-2013-05
Delphes card for ATLAS-SUSY-2013-11

CMS analyses, 8 TeV

Analysis Short Description Implemented by Code Validation note Status
CMS-SUS-13-011 (published) stop search in the single lepton mode B. Dumont, B. Fuks, C. Wymant Inspire [1]
PDF (source) done
CMS-SUS-13-012 (published) gluino/squark search in jet multiplicity and missing energy S. Bein, D. Sengupta Inspire
PDF (source) done
CMS-SUS-13-016 (PAS) search for gluinos using OS dileptons and b-jets D. Sengupta, S. Kulkarni Inspire PDF(source) done

Delphes card for these analyses

[1] This analysis requires MINUIT libraries. Therefore, the line

 LIBFLAGS += -lMinuit

should be added to the Makefile of the Build/ directory before compilation.

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